Badb [ BADV ] (" Battlelust "), even Bodb [ boðv ] ( not to be confused with the male God Bodb Derg ), Bodhb Chatha ( "fight- Bodhb ", " battle crow" [? ] ) Or Fea called, is a form of Celtic mythology of Ireland.

In Lebor Gabala Eirenn it is called as a member of the Tuatha de Danann, as a daughter of Aed Abrat and Ernmas, and granddaughter Bresals, so come both from the family Nuada and the Dagda. It is considered a sister of Macha and the Morrigan or Nemain or Anand / Anu. Like her two sisters Badb appears also as triple goddess or in a threefold form ( "triad of war goddesses ").

Probably goes medium irish Bodb Chatha back to an old, in Gallia narbonensis ( Haute- Savoie) revered Celtic deity called (C ) athubodua Augusta.

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