Badische Zeitung

The Badische Zeitung ( BZ short ) is a daily newspaper founded in 1946 and published in Freiburg with a circulation of 144 967 copies. It appears in the Badische publishing house that employs about 490 employees. Parent company of the Baden publisher is the Badisches Press GmbH & Co. KG. The BZ sees itself as an independent, non-partisan newspaper with a Christian attitude.


After the collapse of the Third Reich was Heinrich Rombach, the former editor of the Daily Mail Freiburg, a license of the French occupying power to starting up a newspaper, the Freiburger Nachrichten. 9 January 1946 between the publishing company H. Rombach & Co., Wendelin Hecht, the former managing director of the Frankfurter Zeitung, and represented by its Managing Director Josef Knecht Verlagsbuchhandlung Herder & Co. GmbH, a preliminary contract with the objective closed in the Freiburg Baden publisher to set up. This company should continue the Freiburger Nachrichten as a national newspaper with a Christian foundation under the name " Badische Zeitung".

On February 1, 1946, the first edition of the BZ appeared. It originated in the washroom of the burned Herder -Verlag building, since the printing house Rombach was the victim of a bomb attack. First, the BZ appeared twice a week with a circumference of six to eight pages at a retail sale price of 20 cents. As of May 1950, the BZ appeared four times, from September 1951 finally six times a week. In 1950, when the license was forced ago repealed and the constitution guaranteed freedom of the press, pushed the Freiburg publisher Poppen and Ortmann to the shareholders of the Badische publisher. They had until 1943 the Freiburg newspaper ( founded in 1784 ) issued. The name lives since 1950 continued in Freiburg local section of the BZ. In 1961 the company moved from Herder- building in the newly built press and publishing house of BZ at the Basel road (now Baslerstraße / Lörracher road). In 1997, the company Rombach and Poppen & Ortmann acquired the shares of the publishing house Herder at the Baden publisher. Both houses led the publisher, with the production related subsidiaries (eg, newsprint, online publishing ) and other companies in the group (eg, delivery) 1998 Badisches in the holding company press house together. They each have a 50% stake.

Since early 2004, offers the BZ on its website free WMV videos to local events at. After investing 25 million euros, the newspaper is produced since 2006 on the press Cortina of Würzburg manufacturer Koenig & Bauer in waterless offset printing. The revolutionary for newspaper printing method was first used in Freiburg world. The Badische Zeitung was honored in 2008 by IFRA as the world's best newspaper printing.

The BZ operates from 3 January 2006 on the online Verlag GmbH Freiburg an Internet information platform for local issues from the area of ​​Freiburg called " fudder - News from Freiburg ", which was awarded in June 2007 with the Grimme Online Award.

In December 2013, published in the Badische Zeitung Cartoon by Horst Haitzinger was voted one of the top 10 anti-Semitic, anti-Israel invective in 2013 by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The Badische Zeitung had already rejected the accusation of anti-Semitism few days after the publication in November.

Transport of the BZ about to be sent

Three of the many printing plates are required nightly

Distribution area

The distribution of BZ includes the city of Freiburg, the circles Breisgau Black Forest, Emmendingen, Lörrach and Waldshut, the southern part of Ortenau circle and part of the Schwarzwald- Baar -Kreis. In Freiburg BZ- house in the city center there are local newsroom, office and ticket service of the BZ.

In the area of ​​distribution consist of 17 branches and 21 different local editions, produced by 18 different local offices. In addition, the nationwide coverage comes with the involvement of over 40 correspondents.


  • Rupert Gießler, co-founder and chief editor of the Freiburger Nachrichten; after its absorption into the Badische Zeitung ( in February 1946) head of the feuilleton and until his retirement in 1963 press law responsible editor
  • 1946-1965: Oskar Stark
  • 1965-1970: Hans Rösel
  • 1970-1995: Ansgar Prince
  • 1995 to July 1, 1997: Peter Christian
  • February 15, 1998 until the end of 2001: Jürgen Busche

Head of online editorial team:

  • Since 2005, Markus Hofmann

The company Rombach and Poppen & Ortmann each own 50 % stake in the holding company Badisches press house. 16.7 % at the Baden publisher be held in trust for the shareholders by the editors, but are not entitled to profit.

Public relations

Since 2004, the Badische Zeitung in collaboration with the University of Education Freiburg regularly reading promotion project in the school newspaper, called ZiSch, for elementary school students at the 4th grade. The ZiSch classes work for several weeks with the Badische Zeitung in the classroom, an editor visited the classes and students are invited to visit the center of pressure of the Badische Zeitung. Saturdays are published the article the student on a ZiSch page in the Badische Zeitung. From Monday to Friday everyone gets ZiSch student newspaper at the school and delivered on Saturday the BZ will be sent home.

The BZ annually organizes the Fribourg Press Ball with celebrities from politics, economy, culture and the press. In the social sphere, it organizes the BZ- action Christmas wish and the action children helping children. With the BZ Award recognizes the Badische Zeitung advertising agencies and mid-sized businesses that advertise particularly original in print and online.

Together with partners, organized the Badische Zeitung competition engine job, a diploma awarded to businesses that create new jobs.

The Badische Zeitung is sponsoring SC Freiburg, the USC kingfishers, the Zelt-Musik - Festival, Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, the SWR Symphony Orchestra and the Freiburg Theater.

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