Badminton at the 2000 Summer Olympics

At the Olympic Summer Games 2000 in Sydney Badminton was the third time part of the Olympic program. There were a total of five contests - two for women and men and a mixed - discharged. In them 172 athletes participated from 28 countries.

  • 3.2.1 Single Ladies
  • 3.2.2 Women Doubles

Venue and schedule

The badminton competitions were held between 16 and 23 September 2000. Venue was the pavilion number three in Sydney Olympic Park.

Medal Tally

The athletes of the People's Republic of China dominated the competitions in badminton. This is illustrated by the fact that they won the gold medals in four of the five contests. With eight out of fifteen to be awarded medals the Chinese won over half of all medals in this sport. Two European nations won medals in Sydney, a silver and a bronze. Thus the result of the badminton competitions at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona has been set. However, a gold medal could not be posted as at the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 by the Dane Poul -Erik Høyer Larsen in the men's singles. In Atlanta, the gold medals were won in the five badminton competitions at four different nations. Even if the Chinese took then two gold medals home with them, there was no dominance in this sport.


Men's Singles

The single men's tournament in badminton was held between 17 and 23 September 2000. In the round of 32 of the US- American Kevin Han won in straight sets with 15:5 and 15:3 against Canadian Mike Beres. It was the first victory by an American in badminton at the Olympics at all, which is why him the daughter of the American President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton congratulated. In the second round he then dropped out to eventual Olympic champion. The tournament was dominated by athletes from Asia. Seven of the eight quarter-finals contracted players were from Asian countries. Only the Dane Peter Gade was able to sit next to them and even reached the small final for the bronze medal. There, however, he was defeated by 13:15 and 5:15 in two sentences the Chinese Xia Xuanze. For the finale, Ji Xinpeng from the People's Republic of China and Hendrawan could qualify from Indonesia. The Chinese defeated in the quarterfinals of the first in the world rankings, the Indonesians Taufik Hidayat in straight sets 15-12 and 15-5. In the semifinals he met Peter Gade. The final of the men's singles was held on 23 September at 21:15 clock. Xinpend could prevail against Hendrawan in two sentences, which he won with 15:4 and 15:13. According to his own testimony, was a crucial factor for the success of Ji Xinpeng coach Tang Xianhu. This had previously been still the coach of the Indonesian Hendrawan.

Athletes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were not among the participants.

Men's doubles

The double men's tournament took place between 16 September and 21 September 2000. Here, too, dominated the Asians. Only two double from Europe reached the quarter- finals, but where they did.


Women's Singles

Women Doubles


Between 16 and 21 September the Mixed tournament was held at the Olympic Summer Games 2000 in badminton. Of the 32 teams came two from Germany. Bjorn wins mouth and Karen Stechmann eliminated in the first round in a match over three sets, with the result 15:10, 7:15 and 10:15 against the Chinese Zhang Jun and Gao Ling, which won the gold medal later. The second German double Nicol Pitro and Michael Keck lost in the second round against the Danes Jens Eriksen and Mette Schjoldager in two sets with 7:15 and 6:15. The mixed- tournament was the most balanced in these games. In the quarterfinals, came four double from Asia and Europe.