Badr Hari

Badr Hari (nicknamed the Golden Boy or Bad Boy, born December 8, 1984 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch- Moroccan K-1 fighter. It comes from the Muay Thai martial arts area and occurs Showtime fights even when it's on. He is fighting for Mike 's Gym, his coach is Mike Passenier. He is known as K-1 icon.

K- 1 career

Badr Hari had his K-1 debut at the age of 19, when he fought against Aziz Khattou on 20 May 2004 and this could knock in the second round. Even his second fight Hari could successfully challenge when he won against Vitali Akhramenko the K -1 Grand Prix in Milan Italy on 16 April 2005. Just two months later, the first defeat for Hari, in which he " The Blitz" Leko was already knocked out after 105 seconds from the German Stefan Croats. On 19 November 2005, the rematch against Leko followed by a knockout victory in the second round by a high- kicks. After two early defeats in 2006 against Peter Graham and Ruslan Karajew, Hari won six fights in a row. Among the vanquished were among his former conqueror Graham and Karajew.

On 29 September 2007 Hari 's achieved greatest success to date when he " elimination K-1 World Grand Prix " in Seoul Doug Viney defeated at by knockout victory in the second round and thus for the first time at the end of the year takes place for the K-1 World Grand Prix Final in Yokohama qualified. Making its debut on December 8, 2007 Badr Hari had to emphasize, however, already in his first fight the sails when he contested but lost unanimously against the favored two-time title winner Remy Bonjasky on points.

After this disappointment, Badr Hari was in 2008, six consecutive fights unbeaten, where he was able to defeat his opponent early in the rule. The only exception was the " K-1 World Grand Prix elimination ", as Hari on September 27 on the 2.18 -meter local heroes Choi Hong -man met and benefited from a breach by the South Korean.

In the K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 Final Hari met in his first encounter to the triple title winner and veteran Peter Aerts, whom he defeated by superior combat tour of demolition in the second round. In the semifinals, followed by another victory when he was Errol Zimmerman knock out in the third round by a right punch. The final fight played against Hari Remy Bonjasky, against whom he was inferior controversial last year in the quarterfinals. After he had to give the first round to his opponent - Hari had to be one among other things because of a precipitate - the second round initially designed to offset. As Bonjasky during an exchange of blows lost his balance, hit and Hari came in spite of a fight interrupted by the referee several times on his downed opponent one. Badr Hari was therefore disqualified because Bonjasky could not continue the fight. For the Dutch, this meant the now third overall victory at the prestigious K-1 tournament.

In his first appearance after his disqualification at the World Grand Prix Finals just three weeks later, Hari had against Alistair Overeem for the fourth time in his career by co beaten. 16 May 2009 Hari participated in the event, " It's Showtime " in Amsterdam, where he in the battle for the " It's Showtime Heavyweight World " title to so far three times K-1 World GP Champion Semmy Schilt by Ko defeated in the first round. On September 26, followed Haris 22 victory in a K-1 fight when he knock the Belarusians Zabit Samedov in the first round and thus failed to qualify for the Grand Prix Final 2009.

As in the previous year was one of the favorites of the Badr Hari K-1 World Grand Prix Finals 2009. This seemed already to be confirmed in the opening encounter, as Hari Ruslan Karajew after 38 seconds Ko defeated. In the second fight Hari, Alistair Overeem met, against whom he had to put his last defeat. Hari returned the favor for his knockout loss from the previous year and beat this time Overeem by demolition in the first round. In the finals, Hari met Semmy Schilt, in turn, wanted reparation for his suffered in May knockout loss. Although Hari again fast whacked sought, he had to this time the physical superiority of his opponent's bow and was sent after a short time on the boards. After two more knockdowns in the first round, Hari was taken by the referee out of the fight. During Hari thus his first triumph at the Grand Prix Final missed again to Schilt was the fourth time to crown and catch up with the previous record title holder Ernesto Hoost.

Due to the questionable financial position of the K -1 operators in Japan wants Hari switch to boxing and denied 28 January 2012 his last fight under K -1 rules against Gökhan Saki in Holland. Badr Hari won the fight in the first round, as his opponent three times fell to the ground and the fight was thus terminated prematurely.


2012 Badr Hari was remanded in custody because of accusations of serious bodily harm. Beginning of 2013 he was released on bail and denied two fights against Zabit Samedov. On October 10, 2013, the hearing shall be continued against him.

Hari is since August 2012, a relationship with Estelle Cruijff, a niece of Johan Cruyff.


  • WPKL Dutch Muay Thai Champion 2002
  • K-1 Heavyweight champion 2007/2008 - 100kg.
  • K-1 GP 2008 Finalist ( he got stripped by the K1 Committee on 17 December 2008 due to disqualification this item )
  • It's Showtime Heavyweight World Champion 2009 in Amsterdam Arena against Semi Schilt first round knockout
  • K- 1 WGP 2009 finalist ( lost to Semi Schilt )
  • It's Showtime Heavyweight World Champion 2010 in Prague 02 Arena against Mourad Bouzidi second -round knockout