Badyara language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Bidyogo


The language Badyara ( badara, badian, badjara, badyaranke, bigola, gola, pajade, pajadinka, ISO 639-3 is pbp ) is a West Atlantic language that is spoken by about 13,000 people in the border triangle Guinea Guinea -Bissau and Senegal.

It belongs to the family of languages ​​of the Niger - Congo languages ​​. With the languages ​​Bedik [ tnr ], Oniyan [ bsc ] and Wamey [ cou ] in Senegal and Biafada [ bif ] in Guinea- Bissau, it is the subset of the Tenda languages.

Most speakers, about 6,300 live in the Guinean region Koundara, 4580 in the North East of Guinea- Bissau and only 1,850 in Senegal (2006 ). The members of the ethnic group which speaks this language, known as beekeepers, also works as a cotton grower in their plantations.


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