Baflo ( Gronings: Bavvelt ) is a village in the municipality Winsum in the northern Dutch province of Groningen.

The village has developed around a mound, the Romanesque St. Laurentius Church stands for today from the 13th century. The church has a free-standing tower.

Baflo 's start and end point of the North tour Noorderrondritten, a skating race, in respect of the traditional elfstedentocht through the province of Friesland - Leeuwarden is the start and finish - is also called Groningen Eleven Cities Tour; this circular tour takes place since 1940 over a distance of about 150 km along the channels of the province of Groningen instead. The village lies on Rasquerdermaar and the canal Baflo - Mensingeweer. From the Bafloërmaar, once the connection after Winsum, no more than a broad moat remains.

Baflo is the birthplace of the humanist Rudolf Agricola.

53.3613888888896.5141666666667Koordinaten: 53 ° 22 ' N, 6 ° 31 ' E

  • Former municipality in the province of Groningen
  • Place in the province of Groningen
  • Winsum