Baga Mboteni language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Westatlantisch Mbulungi - Nalu


Baga Mboteni (ISO 639-3: bgm ) is a West Atlantic language that is spoken in Guinea south of the river Nuñez ..

The West Atlantic languages ​​belong to the Niger -Congo language family. The language is spoken by the Volkdgruppe the Baga as their mother tongue, but it differs greatly from those of other Baga languages ​​and is related to the Nalu [ naj ] and the Mbulungi [ mbv ], with which it forms the language group Mbulungi - Nalu.

The ethnic Mboteni - population is 4,800. Most of them speak now the Guinean official language is French, some may also Susu [ Jesus ] as a second language.