Bagmati River

The Bagmati ( Nepali: बागमती, Bāgmatī ) is a river in Nepal and India.

It rises on the northern edge of the Kathmandu Valley and flows south past the old city of Kathmandu. The Bagmati takes on all other waters of the Kathmandu Valley and leaves the valley to the south in the canyon of Chobar. The river is heavily polluted, as almost all wastewater from the Metropolitan Region of Kathmandu are introduced into it with more than one million inhabitants. Because it flows into the Ganges River at the end of his course, he also has a great religious significance for the majority Hindu population of Nepal. So lies on its banks, the temple complex of Pashupatinath, taking place in the body burns according to Hindu rites. In Dheng the river crosses the border into India, and flows in the state of Bihar in the Koshi, which flows into the Ganges.

Pictures of Bagmati River