Bagrationovsky District

The Rajon Bagrationowsk (Russian Багратионовский район ) in the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast is located in the southwest of the oblast. Its administrative seat is the town Bagrationowsk ( Prussian Eylau ).

Geographical location

The Rajon Bagrationowsk is located south of the city of Kaliningrad colonized (formerly Königsberg ) directly on the border with Poland and is very thin.

Pass through the Rajon both the old Prussian Eastern Railway, which is the more important of the two rail links between the Oblast and Poland, today and two roads between the Russian exclave and Poland.

The most important body of water is the river Prochladnaja ( Frisching ) opening, however in Rajon Guryevsk at Uschakowo (Brandenburg ) to the Vistula Lagoon.


The Rajon Bagrationowsk consists of the urban community Bagrationowsk and four rural communities with a total of 87 settlements:


The Rajon maintains a partnership with the district of Verden in Lower Saxony.


The Rajon was established on 7 April 1946 as a successor to the Kroizburgski rajon be located as a result of World War II in the Soviet Union, the northern part of the existing circle to 1945 Prussian Eylau. He had briefly been called Circle Cross Castle in the years 1818/19. The former city of Cross Castle, from 1947 Russian Slawskoje was, however, been almost completely destroyed in the final battle of the Second World War. Rajon was supervised initially by the "Administration of Civil Affairs of Rajon Kroizburg ".

On September 7, 1946, the city was renamed Prussian Eylau Bagrationowsk and rajon Rajon in Bagrationowski. Two decrees of 15 June 1947, July 25, 1947 six village soviets were set up in Rajon. Here, the northern part of Rajon was the newly founded Rajon Kaliningrad affiliated. On April 27, 1959 Parts of the reconstituted Rajon Kaliningrad came back in expanded form at the Rajon Bagrationowsk and on 12 December 1962, the Rajon Laduschkin was connected. The other two cities Laduschkin ( Ludwigsort ) and Mamonowo ( Heiligenbeil ) This came to Rajon. At this time, handed the Raion in the north to the city of Kaliningrad and to the river Pregel. On 12 January 1965, the northernmost part of the Rajons Rajon Guryevsk was affiliated.

In the context of local government areas of the municipal administrations of Laduschkin and Mamonowo as urban districts became independent in 2004. In 2010, this independence was also confirmed administrative- territorial.

After the Raion within the framework of local self-government in 2004, initially was given the status of a city district, but this was annulled by the Constitutional Court of the Kaliningrad Oblast to be invalid, he finally received in 2008 the status of a " municipal " Rajons (Russian Багратионовский муниципальный район, Bagrationowski munizipalny rayon ). The previous eleven village districts ( " Selski okrug " ) in four rural communities ( " Selskoje posselenije " ) were converted.

Village soviets / village districts 1947-2008