Bahrdorf is a municipality in the district of Helmstedt in Lower Saxony. The church is a member congregation of the Bahrdorf Samtgemeinde Velpke.

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Bahr village is situated between the Elm- Lappwald and Drömling.

The municipal area is rich in sandy soils. Mixed and pine forests make the Forestry picture. Mostly grain and sugar beets are grown. Rape is also increasingly cultivated. The country is dominated by smaller hills. The highest hill is the stone mountain of 115 m above sea level. NN.

Community structure

The quarters are:

  • Nucleus Bahrdorf with Altena and Blanken
  • Mackendorf
  • Rick Ensdorf
  • Saalsdorf

Other residential places are the brickworks ( brick, two kilometers from Mackendorf ) and Noisy Village ( one kilometer away from Rick Ensdorf ).


In the year 973 was the first mention of the church as Bardorp in a donation to the Bishop of Magdeburg. In the 13th century, called the then Bishop of Magdeburg and demanded that the resident Bahrdorf knights de Bardorpe extradition. Since these did not meet the requirements, there was a siege by the Archbishop of Magdeburg and the feudal lord of Oebisfelde, but survived the Bahr villages castle. The castle fell apart and was transformed in the 18th century in a ducal estate, which still exists today. Received from the old castle is only the donjon.

For the development of the postal system in Bahrdorf see: postal route Brunswick- Calvörde.


On 1 July 1972, the municipalities Mackendorf, Rick Ensdorf and village hall were incorporated.

Local name, origin

Old names: 8/9 Century Bardorf, 937 Bardorp, mid 11th century Barthorpa 1209 Bardorp, 1189 Barthorp, 1328 Bardorp, 1344 Bardorpe. The place name could go back to the word " forest village". It may include " baeru, Baero " for " forest " Germanic " barwa " for " needle - tree, forest ". Another possibility for the interpretation of the name is the Polish word " bara " for " swamp ". Due to the location of the village next to the wood and in the floodplain of the Lapau, or former foothills of Drömling, is not clearly defined.


Parish council

  • SPD: 4
  • Green: 1
  • Independently: 1.
  • CDU: 5

The municipal council is the local representation of the people of the community Bahrdorf. The awarding of the eleven seats decided by the citizens every five years by universal, direct, free, equal and secret elections.


The honorary mayor Heinz -Udo Liedke (SPD ) was elected on November 3, 2011.

Coat of arms

Split in blue and gold, in mistook colors in a four-leaf oak with three acorns.

Culture and sights

  • Evangelical Lutheran St. Stephen 's Church in Bahrdorf
  • Domain ( former water castle )


In the village of Bahr village there is the Evangelical Lutheran St. Stephen 's Church, it belongs to the provost Vorsfelde. Other churches are located in the districts Mackendorf, Rick Ensdorf and village hall.

Since settled after the Second World War refugees and expellees from Catholic areas in Bahr village and the surrounding villages the Immaculate to Velpker Church Conception of Mary was formed in 1946 founded belonging Catholic Pfarrvikarie Bahrdorf, it included next Bahrdorf The villages Mackendorf, Papenrode, Querenhorst, Rick Ensdorf and Saalsdorf. For the construction of a Catholic church but it was not in Bahr village, the services were held in the home of the pastor or in the Protestant church. 1966 Pfarrvikarie Bahrdorf was dissolved again and came back to the church community Velpke.

Village customs

In the town there are several customs that are maintained by the village communities.

In all places Carnival is celebrated. This usually takes place in February, also singled to Ash Wednesday. At Easter pile various groups (mostly teenagers) branches to pile on the Easter fire which is lit on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. There is the centuries-old custom of Füstchenmeiers and Maibraut in the places Mackendorf and village hall at Pentecost. Many boys draw with leaves coat and corolla through the village and sing at every door you Füstchenmeier song and ask at the end to eggs, bacon, money, sausages and cakes. Girls maintain this custom also, but sing a different song.

Economy and infrastructure


Bahr village located east of Federal Highway 244 Bahr village was situated on the disused railway line in this area Helmstedt - Oebisfelde.