Baidu (百度Chinese, Pinyin bǎidù ) is a Chinese company that operates the same search engine. A special feature is the ability to search for MP3 files. According to the statistics from Alexa Internet Baidu is now one of the world's five most frequently accessed websites.

Baidu is the market leader in China with a market share of 63 percent in the search engines ( as of early 2010).

Since 5 August 2005 Baidu is listed on the stock exchange.


Baidu's cooperation with the Chinese authorities, the search engine again and again introduced the accusation, to participate in the government Internet control in the People's Republic of China. So throw Reporters Without Borders to the company, the systematic filtering of "subversive " content before.


Baidu Tushu (Chinese百度 图书, Pinyin bǎidù Tushu ) is the counterpart to " Google Books ". Unlike Google Books, there are at Baidu Tushu no scanned pages of books. So you can read online either in whole or in part, the book. This is justified, inter alia, with copyright. However, it is pointed out that the books were to be read online at various " partners ".

For ( almost) every book a web address is specified under which the book can be purchased. In most cases these are and Since 2000 there is also a Chinese side from (formerly ).

On the page for detailed information you can also find all the bibliographic data of books, which, however, differ slightly depending on the provider or vary extensively.


Baidu was founded in 2000 by Robin Li and Eric Xu. The Headquarters of the company is in Beijing. Baidu went on 5 August 2005 to the Stock Exchange and is traded under the ticker symbol BIDU. The opening price was $ 67.11. In June 2010, the price had risen to $ 76.36 for a 10:1 split. Robin Li and Eric Xu thus rose to become billionaires. On the list of Forbes Li stands at 258th place. On the stock market, such as Google, Baidu is advised by Goldman Sachs. In June 2004, Google acquired 2% of Baidu's shares for $ 5 million. In June 2006, the shares with immediate effect for $ 59.5 million were sold. In addition, there is a strong personal relationship with Sony, Nobuyuki Idei by Director. Baidu is funded as Google through online marketing. Baidu has chosen to P4P ( Pay for Performance ). Here, the advertiser pays based on the returns on his investment. In the first quarter of 2010 amounted to Baidu's revenue from the P4P business $ 1,293,396 before taxes.