Bainville -sur -Madon is a commune with 1348 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Meurthe -et -Moselle in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Nancy and Canton Neuves- Maisons.

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The community Bainville -sur -Madon in the north the landscape Saintois is at the lower Madon, five kilometers before its confluence with the Moselle and 15 kilometers south of Nancy.

The 5.88 km ² comprehensive municipal area extends from the valley of Madon, which partly forms the eastern boundary of the municipality, to the southwest over the trough of the Madon Creek Ruisseau de Viterne up to the plateau of Sainte -Barbe northwest of the core location, which is almost 200 meters rises above the Madontal. The municipal area Bainvilles includes a large part of the on- plateau airfield of Pont -Saint -Vincent and the former Fort Pélissier. Area Bainvilles is characterized by fields, the slopes of the plateau is forested, but this represents only a 5% share of the total forest area community.

Neighboring communities of Bainville -sur -Madon also include Pont -Saint -Vincent in the north, Méréville in the east, in the southeast Frolois, Xeuilley in the south and Maizières in the West.


In the mid-19th century, were discovered on the Sainte- Barbe- plateau between Bainville and Pont -Saint -Vincent numerous tombs, indicate the goods from the time of the Gallo- Roman culture has a long history of settlement in this area.

The church of St. Martin was built in the 17th century.

From 1878 to 1881, the Fort Pélissier was built as a barrier to the southern hinterland of Nancy on the highly visible spur of the plateau Sainte -Barbe. The repeatedly modernized fortress with attached airfield served until 1996 military purposes, most recently as a training center. A group of enthusiasts bought the fallow ground in 1999 with the objective of establishing an amusement park, which was opened in May 2005 as Fort Aventure and welcomed its 30000th visitor two years later.


Economy and infrastructure

A portion of the inhabitants of Bainville -sur -Madon is employed in agriculture. In place small craft and service companies are also located. Since the 1980s, the population Bainvilles grown steadily, mainly due to the influx of workers in the industrial and service areas from the nearby metropolitan Nancy / Ludres / Neuves- Maisons.

Bainville -sur -Madon 's school site ( l' école Jacques Callot ) for the smaller neighboring communities.

Transport links

The community Bainville -sur -Madon is connected through the department of roads with neighboring communities. To the south and northeast of the village core is connected to the highway D 331 Neufchâteau off the Autoroute A31 ( Beaune- Luxembourg) with Ludres off the Autoroute A330 connects ( Vandoeuvre -lès -Nancy- Richardménil ). The Bainville station is on the railway line Nancy- Mirecourt -Dijon, which is operated by the transport undertaking TER Lorraine.