Baiyoke Tower II

The Baiyoke Tower 2 ( Thai: ตึก ใบ หยก 2, pronounced [ baj tɯk Jok sɔ̌ŋ ], literally, "Jade Leaf Building 2 " ) is a skyscraper in Bangkok and is the tallest building in Thailand. Without antenna, the building has a height of 304 meters, with antenna, the building is 328 meters high. The deep foundation carried out by means of bored piles at a depth of 65 meters. In the immediate vicinity (170 meters ) is the smaller, 151 m high Baiyoke Tower 1


The building was designed by the architectural firm plan Architect & Co. After seven years of construction, it was completed in 1997 and replaced the year before erected Jewelry Trade Center as the tallest building in Thailand from. In addition to restaurants, shops and a few offices of the Baiyoke Tower contains the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. The Baiyoke Tower 2 is one of the tallest hotel buildings in the world and was in 2007 to Rank 4 85 floors include a " Sky Walk Revolving Roof Deck " in the 84th, 79th and 82nd in the restaurants and observation decks on the 78th, 76th and 18th floor.

The high-rise located in the district Ratchathewi (222 Ratchaprarop Road, Ratchathewi ), a neighborhood that is characterized by many markets and shopping.


View in northern direction with the victory monument to the left of the image center.

Looking to the east from the observation deck. On display is, among others of the 2010 furnished Airport Railway Link.

Bangkok skyline

View of the tower and its surroundings

Nightly view in northeastern direction