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Bajawa is a city on Flores, Indonesia with about 44,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the administrative district ( kabupaten ) Ngada and the center of the same people the Ngada. The city is situated at 1100 meters above sea level and is surrounded by forested volcanic hills, of which the south of the 2245 -meter high Gunung Inerie.

Northeast of Bajawa extends the formed from the River Ae Sissa Soa Basin, where besides numerous fossils also discovered stone tools, which were dated in 2010 on 1:02 ± 0.02 million years. These findings serve as evidence for an early settlement of the island, and thus for a potentially long-term potential " Inselverzwergung " earlier groups of Hominini on Flores, whose last representative - Homo floresiensis - were discovered about 100 kilometers west of Bajawa in Liang Bua Cave.