Balatonlelle is a city on the southeast shore of Lake Balaton in Hungary. It is in the Somogy county in the small area Fonyód and has 4824 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) on the flat shore of Lake Balaton ( Balaton ).

The city has like its neighbor Balatonboglár a small port on Lake Balaton, a train station and a breakpoint on the railway line Budapest - Nagykanizsa, a highway connection to the M7 and is geared towards tourism.


The region around Lake Balaton has been inhabited for more than 6000 years, 1211, the area of the Abbey of Tihany has been repossessed, the place itself was first documented in 1229 mentioned as Felső - Gama. 1550 came it was under Turkish rule, a majority of the inhabitants fled and did not return until after the reconquest in 1580. Until the 18th century Balatonelle was owned by the noble family Majtenyi and then came the property of the noble family of Szalays, in this period also saw the beginning of the school system in place in the year 1720. 1848 got Balatonelle, then the status of a market town, from 1864 the name officially changed to the final name of Balatonlelle. 1882 came in the wake of an administrative reform to merge several places and Balalonlelle was the center of a small community together with the neighboring villages Boglár, Faluszemes and Őszöd. In the decades after 1895 was built and expanded a school in the village, the village itself has developed as well as its neighboring towns to a holiday center by the lake.

1978 Balatonelle united with Boglár to boglarlelle, however, this compound was dissolved in 1991 again. While this association is elevated the community in 1986 to the city, this state carry both places continue even after the separation.


  • Szalay - country palace of Szalays in neo-classical style from 1838
  • Currently used Jankovich - country castle in 1713 as a school and renovated in 2003
  • Village smithy of 1820
  • Roman Catholic Church from 1943 ( according to plans by Bertalan Árkay built )
  • Saint Donatus chapel in Kishegy in baroque style



  • Germany Landstuhl, Germany
  • Vlăhiţa Romania, Romania