Balboa Park (San Diego)

Balboa Park is the largest public park in San Diego, California (USA). The park covers an area of ​​4.9 km ² and is home to a variety of cultural institutions and museums. In the immediate vicinity is also the world-famous San Diego Zoo.


The park was (now Downtown San Diego ) founded in 1868 near the former town center Newtown. In the first decades of its existence, the Park was not much more than an undeveloped green space. However, with time on the initiative of the botanist and landscape architect Kate Sessions (1857-1940), some gardens and buildings on the site. The gardens were mostly established and operated by private initiatives. Every year, several companies donated trees and other plants to beautify the park.

Panama - California exhibition: 1910-1916

The exhibition was to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal and open its doors in 1915. San Diego was selected because it was the first U.S. port town north of the Panama Canal. The exhibition planning began in 1909, and quickly Balboa Park was chosen as the site.

It was decided that the building should reflect the early history of San Diego, as lead architect Bertram Goodhue was determined. Goodhue, who was enthusiastic about this idea, took the opportunity and created a fantasy city with ornate buildings. Thus presented, the exhibition by most previous exhibitions took off, which had been built in the neoclassical style. The present appearance of the Balboa Park comes largely from this time.