1325 ( March 31, 2013 )

Balestrand is a municipality in Sogn og Fjordane Fylke in Norway. It is situated on the Sognefjord, is bordered to the north by Jølster, on the northeast by Luster, on the east by Sogndal and Leikanger, to the south by Vik and to the west by Høyanger, Gaular and Forde.

Artist's Village

From 1890 to Balestrand became the artists' village. Adelsteen Normann was the first artist of 1890/1891 a villa on the fjord had built himself. 1893 was Hans Dahl who built a villa in the dragon style on the shore of the Sognefjord is. 1910 was succeeded by his son Hans Andreas Dahl with a house.

Even taking place today in the restored Küntlervillen, exhibitions, painting workshops and other artistic events.


The Kviknes hotel is considered Norway's largest wooden building. Also worth seeing is the Olav's Church.


Balestrand is connected via the Fährnetz to the south of Norway. Direct to Bergen is making a direct high-speed ferry. The nearest airport is in Kaupanger at Sogndal, about 65 km away.