Beacons (of French baliser, abbaken ) are technical facilities in the railway track, store the path information of the company and transfer to rail vehicles passing the location of the beacon. The vehicles will need the appropriate antennas. From its functioning forth beacons are thus transponder.

There are beacons with steady and with variable data content. The latter can be determined via a cable connection, which is sent to the data content stored in the beacon at a train crossing.

Depending on whether a power supply (battery or external) is required beacons are referred to as active or as passive ( without internal power supply). Passive beacons are excited by the reader of a vehicle and can then send the data stored content.

Beacons are usually mounted on sleepers. Depending on the application individual beacons may be put into groups.

At system ERTMS / ETCS eurobalises for locating and transferring commands are required to the vehicles.

At Deutsche Bahn AG moved eurobalises - eg between Plattling and Passau - speed monitoring tilting technology are widely used for controlling the tilting technology in the context used.

Pictures of Balise