Ballad#Pop and rock ballads

As a ballad in the entertainment melancholy music pieces are called at a slow pace after the literary or musical form of the ballad usually.

In the pop ballads to differ mostly in the form and style not from the remaining works of the respective artist. To ballads also differ in rock music mostly with respect to the voicing and instrumentation not from the other songs of the band. Only the most electric guitars are used in many rock ballads replaced by acoustic guitars. For rock ballads has in German speaking countries, especially in terms of metal bands, the term " power ballad " established, which is in the English-speaking world, in a broad sense, as well as for rock ballads in general use, provided they are from bands that otherwise primarily Hard Rock or Heavy Metal play. In ballads who lose their ballad character in the song history in part so that they will be a little faster or played with distorted guitars, one also speaks of " half- ballads ". As an example, one can be called Metallica.

In jazz, the drummer is first usually work with broom in slow pieces > narrative < character; but often he highlighted the slow melody of the piece during a beat in double, sometimes even in the quadruple speed. So there are quite ballads with about 192 beats per minute, which would have felt as very fast in other musical genres.

In jazz, are often not own compositions of the performers presented as ballads, but those from the sphere of American show business from the 1930s to 1950s, but also other established ballads by composers such as Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn or Benny Golson.

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