Baloncesto Fuenlabrada

2010/11: 7th place

Baloncesto Fuenlabrada, also known under the Mad- Croc Fuenlabrada sponsor name, is a Spanish basketball club from the city of Fuenlabrada in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Dier first team plays in the Spanish ACB League. The home games are played on approximately 5,100 -seat Polideportivo Fernando Martín disputed.


Baloncesto Fuenlabrada was founded in 1983 as a PMD Fuenlabrada. After several years in unterklassigen divisions, succeeded to the 1992/93 season, the merger with CB Torrejón de Henares, the rise in the second division. The acquisition of the launch site of Club Peñas recreativas Huesca in 1996, the club reached the first time in the ACB league where you two descents and ascents in the immediate re- seasons 1997/98 and 2004/ 05 established itself permanently to on. The debut on the international stage Baloncesto Fuenlabrada celebrated in Korać Cup of the season 1999/2000, a contest in which the club in 2001/ 02 reached the quarter-finals. Self on the European stage were the ULEB Cup in 2002/ 03 and the Euro Challenge 2011/12, where you also reached the quarterfinals.


Throughout history, the club wore several times sponsors names:

  • Maná Fuenlabrada (1986-1987)
  • Jabones Pardo Fuenlabrada (1999-2004)
  • Alta Gestión Fuenlabrada (2005-2009)
  • Ayuda en acción Fuenlabrada (2009-2010)
  • Mad- Croc Fuenlabrada (since 2012)


  • Madrid Masters: 1998

Known player

Baloncesto Fuenlabrada served many throughout history later Stars as a springboard to major teams and leagues.

  • Spain Ferran López
  • United States Brad Oleson
  • Spain José Antonio Paraíso
  • New Zealand Kirk Penney
  • Croatia Velimir Perasovic
  • Argentina Pablo Prisoners
  • Puerto Rico Peter John Ramos
  • Croatia Marko Tomas
  • Latvia Kristaps Valters
  • Georgia Nikoloz Zkitischwili

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