Baltimax is a size specification for ships and states that the appropriate ship is small enough from the Kattegat through the Great Belt in the Baltic Sea (and vice versa) to arrive. Practically, this means that the draft of the ships is limited to 15.4 m. In general, it is from 13 to 15 m, the length of 240-260 m and width 42-48 m, from which t is a carrying capacity of about 100000-120000 follows. However, there are also oil tanker with over 205,000 tons payload, called B -Max. The Great Belt Bridge allowed max. 65 m height. The limitations in depth and width are thus between the Suezmax and Panamax class. The Öresund allowed only 8 m depth and is therefore no alternative route, as well as the much shorter Kiel Canal, which allowed only a draft of 9.5 m.