Bamenda, with about 450,000 inhabitants, is the fourth largest city in Cameroon. It is the capital of the North West Province and at the same time the most important economic and cultural metropolis in the same Bamenda Highlands. It is located 366 km northwest of the capital Yaoundé, at the foot of up to 2,621 meters high Bamenda Mountains.


The formerly known as " Tikar " classified indigenous population is a native speaker Mendankwe - Nkwen. As an economic regional center Bamenda but also attracts many people from other parts of Cameroon. English is commonly spoken. This Bamenda is the largest city in the English-speaking minority in the country. At the same time this is the reason that here an important center of the opposition Social Democratic Front has developed, and the city is considered from the perspective of Paul Biya's government as a political trouble spot.

Economy and infrastructure

The city is a major commercial center and transportation hub with for some time been out of service however ligands located airport and road links to the most important cities of Cameroon, Yaoundé and Douala. Farms for coffee processing, soap making, various metal-processing operations and electrical trades have settled here, as several authorities. Bamenda has banks, post office, gas stations, movie theaters and nightclubs. Moreover, here there are various possibilities of school training and education up to university.


Bamenda is the seat of a Catholic archbishopric, current Archbishop is Cornelius Fontem Esua. In addition, here is an important Baptist Mission and Presbyterian Church Center are located.


Indigenous crafts, masks and figures of Graslandethnien are seen in a small urban museum or business on the market.

From the German colonial era are still many buildings there, including the Fort Bamenda, an enthroned above the city fortifications and the German cemetery.

Located relatively close to the Lake Nyos in the volcanic mountains Oku, known by the deadly CO2 outlet 1986. Too, the villages of Bali and only a short distance from Bafut Bamenda. Bafut is about 15 km north of Bamenda in the extension to the airport, Bali is located west of Bamenda.

In addition, Bamenda is the starting point for the small and large "Ring Road ", a street, the city and landscapes of the " grass land" performs the most important. Section, the Ring Road is paved, other portions may be, however, in a very bad condition.

The airfield of Bamenda is used for military purposes; his Letter code is FKKV.

Personalities ( in alphabetical order)

  • Andy Allo (* 1989), musician
  • John Fru Ndi ( born 1941 ), politician
  • Myra Maimoh ( b. 1982 ), musician
  • Blaise Mamoum ( b. 1979 ), football player
  • Carine Mbuh Ndoum Yoh (* 1993), football player
  • John Ngu Foncha (1916-1999), politician
  • Pius Suh Awa (1930-2014), retired bishop
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