Ban Dung District

Amphoe Ban Dung ( Thai: อำเภอ บ้านดุง, pronunciation: [ bâ ː n ing ] ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the northeastern province of Udon Thani. The Udon Thani Province is located in the northwestern part of Northeast Thailand, Isaan.


Neighbouring districts (from the south clockwise): Amphoe Thung Fon which, Phibun Rak, Phen and Sang Khom in the province of Udon Thani, Amphoe Phon Phisai and the Fao Rai Nong Khai province, as well as Amphoe Ban Muang, Charoen Sin Sawang Daen and Din province of Sakon Nakhon.

The largest river of the district is Maenam Songkhram ( Songkhram River ), which also forms the eastern boundary.


Ban Dung was formed initially as a small district ( King Amphoe ) on 16 May 1959 by three tambon were separated from Amphoe Nong Han. On July 16, 1963, he was promoted to Amphoe.


Amphoe Ban Dung is divided into 13 communes ( tambon), which in turn in 140 villages ( Muban ) are divided.

There is a small town ( thesaban tambon) in the district:

  • Ban Dung ( Thai: เทศบาล เมือง บ้านดุง ), consisting of parts of the tambon Ban Dung and Si Suttho.

In addition, there are twelve " Tambon Administrative Organizations" (TAO, องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล - administrative organizations) in the district.