Banat Bulgarian dialect

The Banat Bulgarian is a South Slavic language micro literature that in the historical Banat (W Romania, NE Serbia ) of approximately 20,000 Bulgarians is spoken.


A group of predominantly Catholic Bulgarians fled in the 18th century after a failed uprising against the Ottomans in the Banat. Your south- Bulgarian dialect was due to the spatial and political separation from the standard Bulgarian literary language gradually to a micro.


Apart from the phonetic and morphological peculiarities, the Banat Bulgarian less loanwords from Russian, Old Church Slavonic and Turkish to Bulgarian than the standard. It contains more loanwords from Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian and German languages ​​(eg hajzenban for "Railroad ").


The Banat Bulgarians are mostly Roman Catholic, and therefore use the Latin alphabet. In contrast, the standard used in the predominantly Orthodox Bulgaria Bulgarian is written in Cyrillic script.


In the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the Banat Bulgarian could be taught from the 1860s in the schools, but was supplanted in the 1890s by the Magyarization from everyday school life and replaced by the Hungarian. From 1930 the use of the Banat Bulgarian was promoted in the Romanian part of the Banat again, at least in religious and cultural spheres. Since the Second World War Bulgarian was taught in the schools - but the standard Bulgarian. The Banat Bulgarian was therefore limited to the church and the private sector. Since the early 1990s, the language seen by the reawakened confidence of the Banat Bulgarians an upswing.

Current distribution

Romania: Banat Bulgarian is the main language in the villages Besenova Veche ( Dudeştii Vechi ) Breştea and Vinga. In the Banat Timişoara Bulgarians form although only a minority, but this city has Vinga replaced as the cultural center of the Banat Bulgarians.

Estimates to Speakers of Banat Bulgarian in Serbia amounts to around 5000 (eg, in Ivanovo ) living in several municipalities in the western part of Vojvodina as a minority.

Use in the media

Radio Timişoara reported half an hour a week on Banat Bulgarian.