Banbar County

The circle Banbar ( Pelbar ) belongs to the administrative area of the district of Qamdo in the east of Tibet Autonomous Region in the People's Republic of China. In 1999 he was one of 29,337 inhabitants. It is located in the west Qamdos.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circuit is composed of two large municipalities and nine municipalities. These are (Pinyin / chin. ):

  • Greater community Caoka草 卡 镇
  • Greater community Bianba边 坝镇
  • Community Mawu马 武乡
  • Community Reyu热 玉 乡
  • Community Nimu尼 木 乡
  • Community Shading沙丁 乡
  • Community Jinling金 岭乡
  • Community Jiagong加贡 乡
  • Community Maxiu马秀 乡
  • Community Duwa都 瓦 乡
  • Community Lazi拉孜 乡

Pictures of Banbar County