Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell ( in Spanish ) or Banc Sabadell ( Catalan ) is the fourth largest banking group in Spain. The Company is listed on the Spanish stock index IBEX 35 and is traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange under the symbol SAB. The headquarters is located in Sabadell.

In 2005, the Group had 9495 employees and achieved a net profit of 262 million euros. The Group manages over 50 billion euros, has a market capitalization of 6.5 billion euros and operates over 1,600 stores in Spain and worldwide.


With the background to support the local industry financially and provide important raw materials, founded 127 businessmen and traders from Sabadell on 31 December 1881, the Bank. In 1907, the company focused only on the actual banking business; all non-core owned businesses were abandoned. A slow territorial expansion in nearby towns started in 1965 In 1975 the first store was opened in the Spanish capital Madrid.; three years later in London.

Sabadell Multibanca, later known under the name Sabadell Banca Privada, was founded in 1988 and the Banco Sabadell Group was formed. With the acquisition of NatWest Group España in 1996, was the sixth largest Spanish banking group; the name of the old bank but was renamed in Solbank. Through a share exchange with the Portuguese bank Banco Comercial Portuguese la Caixa savings bank, in 2000 the largest shareholder. After the incorporation of Banco Herrero 's fourth largest banking group originated in the country.

As of 2001, the shares of the Bank came to the stock market. Two years later they started with a 100% takeover bid for Banco Atlántico, which was completed the following year and eventually led to the formation of SabadellAtlántico. The subsidiary Banco Atlántico ( Panamá ), SA, which was after the takeover of Banco Sabadell was then for 96 million euros to the financial institution Grupo Financiero Continental, SA sold from Panama. 2006, in the 125th year of the Best Hung Bank, Banco Urquijo came to the group; it was the second largest private bank in Spain.

In 2009, the group Mellon United National Bank ( MUNB ) took over, established in 1978 and located in Florida.


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