Bandini Automobili

Bandini Automobili was an Italian automobile manufacturer.

Company History

Ilario Bandini founded in 1946 in Forlì, the company for the production of automobiles and racing cars. 1992 production ended.

Rolling stock

There were sports cars and racing cars produced. 46 cars still exist today. A vehicle of this make occasionally takes part in the Mille Miglia in Italy.

Bandini " La prima " 1100/46

The first car was built in 1946. It was an open two-seater. For the drive was provided by a modified four-cylinder engine from the Fiat 1100 with 1089 cc capacity.

Bandini 1100 Sport

Between 1947 and 1950, this open two-seater was offered. To select the engine from Fiat 1100 with 1089 cc displacement and 65 hp and an engine with 1496 cc and 97 hp, which was created with the help of Siata stood.

Bandini Siluro 1100

This was the race car version of the 1100 Bandini Sport that originated from 1947 to 1949. The same engines were used.

Bandini 750 Sport Siluro

These race cars were produced 1950-1956. By 1953, small front fenders were used followed the steering lock while driving. After 1953, the widened fenders covered the front wheels completely. The following engines were available:

  • 747 cc, 45 PS, of Crosley Motors
  • 747 cc, 65 to 71 hp, developed by Bandini based on the Crosley engine with DOHC valve control
  • 1496 cc, 97 PS, by Siata
  • 1625 cc of Offenhauser
  • 750 cc of Saab
  • 1250 cc of MG
  • 2000 cc Alfa Romeo

Bandini -Maserati in 1500

This racing car from 1952 or 1953 was equipped with a six cylinder engine from the Maserati A6 with 1488 cc and 75 hp.

Bandini Formula 3

This racing car of Formula 3 written between 1954 and 1958. The four-cylinder engines with DOHC valve control had 747 cc and made 66 to 73 hp.

Bandini GT

This sports car based on the Bandini 750 Sport Siluro 1955 was the first coupe of the brand. The engine with DOHC valve gear made ​​from 747 cc 62 hp.

Bandini 750 Sport Internazionale " saponetta "

This model was produced 1957-1961 as the successor of Bandini 750 Sport Siluro. To select the DOHC engine with 747 cc displacement and 68 to 71 hp and a four-cylinder engine with 987 cc displacement and 90 hp were.

Bandini Formula Junior

This single-seater racing cars of Formula Junior originated from 1959 until 1962., It the engine of the Fiat 1100-103 with 1089 cc and 90 hp was used.

Bandini 1000/62 P

This sports prototype was produced in 1962-1965. The Bandini engine with 987 cc displacement and 98 hp was mounted in the rear.

Bandini 1000 GT

This coupe of 1963 had a Bandini engine with 987 cc displacement and 94 hp.

Bandini 1000/66 Sports

In 1966 this model as a successor to the Bandini 1000/62 P. The Bandini engine with 987 cc displacement made ​​105 hp.

Bandini Saloncino

This coupe with rear engine was built in 1968. Bandini The engine with 987 cc displacement made ​​105 hp.

Bandini 1000/70 V

This sports prototype from 1970 with rear engine developed 115 hp from 987 cc.

Bandini S. P. 1000

This sports prototype from 1972 had the same engine as its predecessor, the Bandini 1000/70 V, but with 118 hp.

Bandini 1300 16 V i

In this sports prototype from 1980, a four-cylinder engine with 16 valves and 1289 cc capacity was used that was based on an engine from Fiat and had DOHC valve timing of Bandini.

Bandini 1000 turbo

This coupe, also called Bandini Berlinetta, was the last model of the brand. The four-cylinder engine with 929 cc displacement was equipped with a turbocharger.


In Forlì the nephew of Ilario Bandini operates a small museum with ten vehicles of the brand.