The band leader is the one band founding, leading, organizing them, directing or musically defining member of a band. Frequently, the band named after him.


The band is sociologically classified as a social group that determines their group leader. Group leader is, who particularly meets the group norms. Its tasks include the setting of group goals, the representation of the group to the outside, commitment to the group goals in strict compliance with group rules, distribution of tasks according to the capabilities of the individuals in a way that the group cohesion is strengthened. This is also true for the bandleader to. Therefore, the founder of an orchestra, a big band, a beat or Rock Band are designated as band leader. You decide on the composition of the band, arrange their music and select it, determine the style of music, playing one of the leading instruments, the role of music producers can accept or give the band its name. The leader is often the entrepreneurial personality, which gives performances of the band. Not always the band leader is also the front man, rehearsal director and songwriter of the music group. Bandleader are mostly employer of her band and connect with organizers or Fernseh-/Radiosendern for the performances work contracts.

Famous Bandleader

The name of the band leaders are so well known that rarely get the names of individual band members have a similar reputation in the public. Most band leaders by name and personally connected directly to the of them led or founded orchestras such as Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, representing the swing in the U.S., Ken Colyer, Jack Hylton and Chris Barber ( UK ) or Bert Kaempfert, James Last, Kurt Edelhagen or Max Greger ( Germany ) or Dani Felber ( Switzerland ).


The role of the band leader was born in jazz bands and therefore usually only occurs in larger bands with a membership of five or more people. Typical pop groups with up to five members usually do not have a band leader. Smaller bands often have a front man who occupies a prominent position in the band. It does not necessarily play an instrument, but is on the frontline front of the stage and is usually limited to the song. Obsolete the name is Kapellmeister. In contrast to the conductor of an orchestra of art music a band leader is often self- instrumentalist or singer in his ensemble. In big bands play or he sings mostly in front of the orchestra.