• Gaelan Connell: Will Burton
  • Vanessa Hudgens: Sa5m
  • Aly Michalka: Charlotte Barnes
  • Lisa Kudrow: Karen Burton
  • Scott Porter: Ben Wheatley
  • Charlie Saxton: Bug, bassist
  • Ryan Donowho: Basher Martin, the drummer
  • Tim Jo: Omar, the guitarist
  • Lisa Chung: Kim Lee, the keyboardist
  • Elvy Yost: Irene Lerman, cellist
  • David Bowie: David Bowie ( cameo )

Bandslam - Get Ready to Rock! ( Bandslam in the original English ) is an American musical film from 2009 theatrical release in the U.S. was the 14th August 2009.; in Germany, the film did not run in the cinema. The DVD was released on June 3, 2010 in Germany. For the film with a budget of $ 20 million was needed.


Will Burton is at his new school an unassuming freshman who regularly writes in his free e-mails to his idol David Bowie, without ever getting an answer. Through his love for music he is learning the popular student Charlotte Barnes know, who asks him after a short time to start a band with her.

In the near future is to a large music competition to take place, the band Slam, whose winners are promised a record deal. Charlotte has taken it into his head to come there and to beat her ex-boyfriend Ben Wheatley and his band. Against all expectations, a troupe of four outsiders to Charlotte grows together into a real band and soon have the five real chances to win the competition. Wills friendship with the monotonous, books loving Sa5m ( The 5 is silent) during which suffers under the obligations that bring its membership in Charlotte group with them.

The band takes the right to play Phil's song, a song that wrote Charlotte's father. But when her father dies, she rises unexpectedly left the band. She reveals to Will that he and the band were just an attempt to show her father that she can get better. By she was friendly towards outsiders like Will and the remaining members, it has sought to gain distance from her past in which she was still with the selfish together and Ben has made his band music.

In the band Will's girlfriend Sa5m now gets in and who sings at the point of Charlotte. When Bandslam Charlotte suddenly appears and is with Will's mother Karen in the audience. Before Charlotte's band, however, occurs by Ben that lists Phil 's Song. The friends must quickly come up with something new and play a song that Sa5m has been singing earlier. Although they get the most applause wins another band.

At the end of the film a teenager invites the appearance on the video platform YouTube. The video is so popular that Will's idol David Bowie encounters it. He writes Will finally back and offers him and the band a record deal. Later, all the friends are gathered at the closing ceremony. This Sa5m come up with Will and Ben together with Charlotte.