Bandudato ( Bandudatu ) is an East Timorese Suco in the subdistrict Aileu Vila (District Aileu ).


The Suco Bandudato located in the southeast of the subdistrict Aileu. It has an area of 30.65 km ². In the north and east lies the Suco Fahiria, west of the Suco Liurai and to the south the Sucos Lahae and Lausi. In the southeast Bandudato adjacent to the sub-district Maubisse (District Ainaro ) with Suco his Fatubessi. The rivers Mumdonihun and Manolane unite on the north west corner and form the Monofonihun which continues to flow along the northern border Bandudatos. A part of the southern boundary formed by the River Daisoli. All these rivers belong to the system of the Northern laclo.

Through the West of Sucos the highways of Aileu leads to Maubisse. In the northwest, it crosses a bridge over the Manolane. Here are the places Dailor, Raelete ( Railete ) and Raifusa ( Raifusu ). There is also the primary school of Sucos. Further south is the place Bibteron.

In Suco are the three aldeias Dailor, Raelete and Taiblor.


In Suco live 1,426 inhabitants (2010, 2004: 1,098 ). More than 85 % of the population give Tetum Prasa as their native language. The rest speaks Mambai.


In the elections of 2004/2005 Domingos Araújo was elected Chefe de Suco. In the 2009 elections, Mario Viera won da Costa.


Dailor was one of the many traditional kingdoms of Timor, which were ruled by a Liurai. It appears on a list of Afonso de Castro, a former governor of Portuguese Timor, who performed 47 kingdoms in 1868. Already in the 18th century Dailor was an ally of Portugal. In January 1894, concluded with Portugal a written contract on his vassal status to the colonial power.

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