Bandundu Province

Bandundu is a province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the capital of Bandundu.


The province is located in the west of the country, bordered to the north by the Equateur province, in the south of Angola, in the northwest of the Republic of the Congo, on the west by the province of Bas -Congo and Kinshasa, and on the east by the province of Kasai Occidental -.


The province was created in 1966 by merging the provinces Kwango, Kwilu and May - Ndombe.

Planned, never implemented resolution

According to the new constitution adopted in May 2005 the Congo should be regrouped. Bandundu should be divided into three new provinces:

  • Kwango with capital Kenge
  • Kwilu with capital Kikwit
  • May Ndombe with capital Inongo

After the appointment of the management change was previously postponed several times, President Joseph Kabila made ​​this completely reversed in January 2011. This Bandundu will continue to exist in its current form.

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