Banff (Alberta)

Banff is the largest town within Banff National Park in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Banff is located at an altitude of 1399 m on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, about 140 kilometers west of Calgary on Trans-Canada Highway ( Highway 1 ) and 58 km south-east of Lake Louise. Near the town is the Lake Johnson.

The status of a small town ( Town ), the settlement since 1990.


Banff has a population of 7,584 inhabitants. Their average age is 32.8 years with a median ( 32.5 male / female 31.2 ) ( as of 2011).


Banff was named in 1884 by a former director of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Lord Stephen, and after his Scottish birthplace of Banff.

Since 1976, takes place annually the Banff Mountain Film Festival, since 1979, the Banff World Television Festival as an international meeting of television industry.


From the city, several mountain tops are seen, including the 2998 m high Cascade Mountain and Mount Norquay. A mountain gondola leads to the nearby Sulphur Mountain.

The rapid growth of the town of Banff in recent years has fueled the fear that the pristine nature of the natural park of the same could be damaged. The Federal Government has taken restrictive measures set out, among other things, that only those citizens are allowed to take up residence in Banff that there also have a job. The censuses of 2001 and 2006, correspondingly, from a decline in population from 7135 to 6700.

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