Bang Pakong River


The Maenam Bang Pakong ( Thai: แม่น้ำ บางปะกง, Bang Pakong - River ) is a river in the eastern part of central Thailand.


The river has different names that have changed the course of history. Its sources are the Khlong Phra Sathung, which rises not far from the Cambodian border to the northern slopes of Chanthaburi mountains at an altitude of 500-600 meters, and the Khlong Phra Prong, which at a height of 600-700 meters rises in the Sankambeng mountains. These two rivers unite west of Sa Kaeo to Maenam Phra Satung. This describes a semi-circle and flows through Kabin Buri, Prachin where he Maenam (also Maenam Prachinburi ) changes its name. He then passes on its way to the Gulf of Thailand around the city Prachinburi and finally united in Amphoe Ban Sang in the province of Prachinburi Maenam Nakhon Nayok with, coming from the northwest and has a length of 110 kilometers. The Maenam Bang Pakong has a total length of about 294 kilometers, its catchment area is 19,000 km ².

Economic Importance

The Bang Pakong is the Bangkok plane on the same level as the Chao Phraya River. An extensive network of canals ( Khlongs ) connects the two river systems. The channels are used for irrigation and drainage, are also used as transport routes. They form a navigable link up to the Mae Klong in the western part of the plain. In the past, these artificial waterways were regarded as a source of wealth, which itself derives from their names: Phasi Charoen - "Profit and Success ", Damnoen Saduak - " pleasant silver bullet ", and so on. They offered access to the districts outside the cities, because at that time streets practically did not exist.