Bannwil, photographed from a balloon 16 April 2011

Bannwil is a municipality in the Oberaargau the canton of Bern in Switzerland. Under the name Bannwil is also a civic community. Bannwil is located on the river Aare River and is surrounded by open fields.

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  • 4.2 Largest boulder in the Bernese Mittelland
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Bannwil located in the Upper Aargau in the Swiss Plateau on the northern banks of the Aare. The neighboring communities of north clockwise are starting Niederbipp, black houses, Aarwangen, digging BE, Berken, Walliswil at Niederbipp and Oberbipp. Bannwil is the northernmost municipality in the former administrative district Aarwangen. Belongs to this community asked the nature reserve of Vogelraupfi.


For several years, the population is increasing again, in July 2012 the border from a population of 700 could be reached again for a long time. The proportion of foreigners in Bannwil is approximately 6 %.


The economy is fairly homogeneously distributed over the three sectors, agriculture and services industries.


Bannwil has a station on the Aare Seeland mobil ( ASM ), on the railway line of the former Langenthal -Jura -Bahn.

  • Bannwil - Langenthal -St. Urban; with connection to Bern / Zurich
  • Bannwil - Niederbipp -Solothurn; with connection to Bern / Zurich

The motorway connection Niederbipp on the A1 is about a three minute drive from Bannwil.


Church of Bannwil

When Christianity has been found in Bannwil input is not known. Since the Church " Mary and Archangel Michael" was consecrated, it is believed that it was built somewhere between the fifth and eighth centuries. The first wooden church is probably once burned, because under the present church floor is an approximately 20 cm. thick burnt layer. When the foundation was laid for the present church is not known; one can only say that the church is more than 700 years old, there was never mentioned in the records of a new building, but renovations. The first mention is in a papal tax bill from the years 1302 to 1304.

Largest boulder in the Bernese Mittelland

The boulder slipped in July 1971 from its original location in boulder horizon, where the local residents thought they had initially felt an earthquake. In fact, the cause was a boulder of very unusual proportions. The length of the ship-like colossus is 15 meters and counting the bugartige stem of 2 meters, width 5.6 to 7 meters, the height to 4 meters. Thus results in a volume of 330m3. It might concern the largest erratic in the Bernese Mittelland.

Rhone Glacier

The vastly developed Rhone glacier divides the output from the Alps of the Lake Geneva area, the southern Rhone Eisarm continued to flow down the northern to the Mittelland. This also took up the Aaregletscher. The glacier was just enough to to the area around Bannwil and encamped in the areas of Solothurn - Wiedlisbach - cheeks - Oberbipp - Bannwil - Buetzberg - Thunstetten - Riedtwil a whole series of moraines from.

Pictures of Bannwil