Bar (establishment)

A bar is a place to be served in the alcoholic beverages. Borrowed the word in the 19th century from the English bar, which, like the Old French word originally meant barre crossbar and later a multi- barrier bars designated.

(English Backbar ), before the guest either standing or sitting on bar stools and the drinks are prepared and consumed, and the associated shelves for bottles and accessories: In a narrower sense, the term only refers to the actual bar (bar English). The term " bar " is partially used only for a private collection of spirits bottles. In a broad sense is under the entire restaurant bar defined in the sense of a catering establishment - so you can " in a bar (Local) in the bar ( bar ) to" sit. A classic shape of the bar is the American Bar, which offers the most alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Such bars there were in Germany for a long time almost only in larger hotels; increasingly only since the 1970s, establishing themselves as independent Barbetriebe restaurant concept. Most of them are open only in the evening and at night, but some during the day. Depending on the orientation spirits and cocktails, often wine and beer are available but rarely elaborate dishes.

Another meaning has the word bar in Mediterranean countries such as Italy. It usually referred to a small dining facility, which is more like a coffee shop and finds himself in almost every street of a city. Such espresso bars are now also available in Germany.