Baranavichy Raion

The Rajon Baranovitchi (White Russian Баранавіцкі раён; Russian Барановичский район ) is an administrative unit in the northern part of the Breszkaja Woblasz in Belarus. The area of ​​the Rajons is 2,200 km ² or 6.7 % of the total area of ​​the Woblasz. The management unit includes 243 villages and is divided into a Pasjalkowy Sawet and 21 Selsawets.


The Rajon Baranovitchi is the northernmost Rajon in the Breszkaja Woblasz. The Nachbarrajone in Breszkaja Woblasz are in the southeast and southwest Ljachawitschy Iwazewitschy. To the north and west of the Rajon borders the Hrodsenskaja Woblasz, on the northeast by the Minsk Woblasz.

The largest rivers are Shchara, Myschanka and Issa.