Barbara Albert

Barbara Albert ( born September 22, 1970 in Vienna) is an Austrian film director, screenwriter and producer.


In 1991 she began her studies in film directing at the Vienna Film Academy at Luke Stepanik. Movies, of which they felt affected at this time, were among other Aki Kaurismäki's The Girl of the match factory and Jane Campion's Sweetie and An angel at my table. The stories of the director and writer, " are always a mixture of experienced, narrated and invention ."

My feature film directorial debut, she delivered in 1999 with the northern edge, where she describes the sensitivities of two young women and South Eastern European immigrants in Vienna. This film has won many awards internationally, including at the Venice Biennale, which not only provided her and her film, but also the young Austrian filmmaking in general to the national and international spotlight. Since international awards for Austrian films were still an exceptionality, and was honored in Venice for decades no longer Austrian production, the film also plays a certain pioneering role. The film is an example of a turnaround in the Austrian film industry, which was awarded in the following years increased at international film festivals.

1999 was also the founding year of coop99 which it has jointly founded by Jessica Hausner, Antonin Svoboda and Martin Gschlacht and forwards. This gained the four filmmakers independence from the opinion of producers, but not by government funding. Barbara Albert enters a strongly for state film funding, because " this is the only possibility for the survival of European cinema next to the American mainstream. Acceptance and commercial success of European cinema can only be performed by a shift in consciousness of the audience, and sets itself only if it can be seen a widespread diversity of European films in the cinema and on TV! The basis for this has to be created by the state. "

In 2009, Barbara Albert founded together with other Austrian filmmakers, the Academy of the Austrian film.

Your current film The Living with Anna Fischer in the lead role celebrated in September 2012 its world premiere in competition at the Film Festival of San Sebastián.



A selection of awards and nominations for Barbara Albert, sorted by movies:

  • Nightjars: 1993: Max Ophüls Prize - Nomination
  • 2003: International Film Festival of Locarno - nominated for the Golden Leopard
  • 2006: Flanders International Film Festival - Screenplay Award, together with Michael Glawogger
  • 2006: International Film Festival of Venice 2006 - Nomination for Golden Lion for Best Film
  • 2007: Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg- Vorpommern - main prize The Flying Ox
  • 2012: Austrian Art Prize for film
  • 2013: Best Editing for The survivors, Austrian Film Prize 2013