Barbara G. Adams

Barbara Georgina Adams ( born February 19, 1945 in Hammersmith, London, † 26 June 2002 ) was a British Egyptologist and curator at the Petrie Museum in London.


She came from a working class family and was already interested in her youth for Ancient Egypt. In particular, it had done to her mummies, which later became her specialty.

Your professional career began Barbara Adams in 1962 at the age of 17 years as a research assistant at the British Museum of Natural History in the Department of Entomology and paleontology. In 1965 she moved to the Petrie Museum, where she became an assistant to the curator in 1975. In 1984 she became the new museum curator.

Early on, she began with the highly accurate cataloging the graves groups of Naqada, Abydos and many other ancient tombs of the early Egyptian history.

When the American archaeologist Michael Hoffman his excavations at Hierakonpolis in 1979 resumed, he hired Barbara Adams as an expert on ancient Egyptian pottery and other cultural objects found.

Their excavations, which she carried out even in the 1980s in Hierakonpolis, they made known worldwide. Between 1996 and 2000, she led the work at the cemetery for high officials. In these excavations, among many other interesting objects of the earliest detectable elephant was discovered in Egypt.

In 2002, Barbara Georgina Adams died of cancer.

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Pictures of Barbara G. Adams