Barbara Honigmann

Barbara Honigmann ( born February 12, 1949 in Berlin ) is a German writer and painter.


Barbara Honigmann is the daughter of German - Jewish immigrants who survived the era of National Socialism in exile in Britain and in 1947 came to East Berlin in order to help in the construction of a new Germany. Her father Georg Honigmann decided due to his communist convictions for re-migration in the Soviet occupation zone. In exile in England he had married the mother of Barbara Honigmann's that coming from Vienna Litzy Kohlmann (under the name Litzi Friedmann known), who had been married to his second wife with the double agent Kim Philby.

After her high school graduation Barbara Honigmann studied from 1967 at the Humboldt University, the Department of Theatre Science, the closure took place in 1972. During the following years she worked as a dramaturg and director in Brandenburg and at the Volksbühne as well as at the Deutsches Theater in East Berlin. Since 1975 she is a freelance writer.

After the birth of her first child she sat reinforced with their Jewish identity apart, joined the community in East Berlin and married in 1981 according to the Jewish rite. In 1984 she traveled out from the GDR. In her book, novel by a child they called a "triple death jump without a net: from East to West, from Germany to France, and from the middle of the assimilation into Torah Judaism ." Since then, the author lives with her ​​husband, the director of the Heidelberg Central Archives for the Study of the History of the Jews in Germany, Peter Honigmann, in Strasbourg. Barbara Honigmann has two children, John Honigmann (* 1976) and another son (* 1983).

Barbara Honigmann is a member of the PEN Centre of German-speaking authors abroad. Since 2007 she has been a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz, since 2009, a corresponding member of the German Academy for Language and Literature.

Barbara Honigmann counts together with Maxim Biller, Rafael Seligmann, Esther Dischereit, Irina Liebmann, Robert Schindel, Peter Stephan Jungk and other authors to write German, "second generation" of Jewish families who survived the Holocaust.

Her books have been translated into French, Italian (Con tanto, tanto affetto Übers A. Louise. Marsilio, Venezia 2002), English, Hungarian ( ISBN 963-9348-90-2 Zohara utazása ), Norwegian, Dutch, Brazilian, Danish and Finnish translated.


The jury of Elisabeth Langgässer literary award, which was conferred on February 26, 2012, the award -founded with the fact that " honey man to man [ would bring ] Judaism in a warm way closer and it [ get ] from the secret out " ( Irina Wittmer ). " It shows that the power of evil could not destroy everything," says Wittmer, which also parallels the life and family history of Elisabeth Langgässer looks, which was " marked irrationalities and the delusion of the 20th century," also from the. Critic Thomas Koch, also a jury member, praised the recurring reference to Honigmann's biography, describing their work as " a no-frills, entschlackte, yet very poetic prose ".



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