Barbara Lynn

Barbara Lynn, born Barbara Lynn Ozen, ( born January 16, 1942 in Beaumont, Texas ) is an American rhythm and blues singer, guitarist and songwriter.

Musical career

Lynn began as a child to play the piano, but later switched to guitar playing, which she handed exercised throughout their career. In her early public appearances she won several talent competitions. As a teenager, she formed a girl band that called itself " Bobbie Lynn and Her Idols". With it, she entered, even as a student, in local clubs and pubs and fell while the singer Joe Barry on which they recommended to the producer Huey Meaux.

First of Meaux took Lynn 1961 single on his own little record company to Eric. When he moved to Jamie Records in 1962, he gave Lynn there a recording contract and produced with her ​​the song written by herself 'll Lose a Good Thing. This was published in May 1962, was the largest to Lynn plate success. He climbed on the Hot 100 in the U.S. music magazine Billboard to eighth place and peaked in the rhythm and blues charts (R & B) the leading position. Until 1971, Lynn was able to place a total of ten titles in the U.S. charts, most of these songs they had written. In 1966 she took a break to take after 1967 four singles on the label Meaux 's own instincts. These were unsuccessful and therefore joined Lynn end of the year to the major label Atlantic Records, but continued working with Meaux as producers. 1969 married Lynn and interrupted due to the birth of her three children for several years her career. After her contract had expired at Atlantic in 1972, she took up in 1976 a couple of singles in the small label on the Jetstream and abruptly ended their recording career in 1976. From her residence Los Angeles she performed occasionally in clubs in the vicinity.

In 1984, Lynn of her career with a tour of Japan a boost. There, the live album You Do not Have to Go, which was later published in the United States was born. Until the early 1990 years they were more concerts, which led her to Europe. After her husband died, she returned to her birthplace Beaumont. From 1994, some more studio albums with Barbara Lynn yet published. In 1999 she received the Pioneer Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

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