Barbara Yorke

Barbara Anne Elizabeth Yorke ( born 1951 ) is a British medievalist.

After a bachelor's degree in 1975 in history and archeology at the University of Exeter, followed a year later a master's degree in a degree program for library management ( "Archive Administration" ) at the University of Liverpool. In 1979 she received her doctorate on her first alma mater with a thesis on Anglo- Saxon Kingship in Practice, 400-899. From 1977 she was a lecturer at the University of Winchester and since 2001 there Professor of the early medieval history. She is now Professor Emeritus.

As their field of research it is the early medieval British history, especially the monarchy, religion and conversion, Wessex and the lives of women, as well as " Anglo - Saxonism " of the 19th century.

She is married to Robert Yorke, archivist at the London College of Arms and contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


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