Barbecue Bob

Barbecue Bob ( Robert Hicks actually; born September 11, 1902 in Walnut Grove, Georgia; † 21 October 1931 in Lithonia, Georgia ) was an American blues pioneer and a leading representative of the so-called Atlanta Blues.

Barbecue Bob learned to play the guitar from his brother Charley Hicks, who was the Laughing Charley Lincoln also a well-known blues guitarist. The two brothers relocated to Atlanta in 1923, where they performed together frequently, here joined Robert also for twelve string guitar. Hicks often made ​​use of the Bottleneckspiels. His blues style reminded here rather to the Delta blues as the guitar style of Blind Willie McTell, who probably belonged to the environment of Barbecue Bob in Georgia.

He received his nickname in 1927, when he was discovered by a talent scout of the company Columbia Records as a street musician before a barbecue restaurant, a promotional photo showed him accordingly in a kitchen uniform with guitar. During his brief career with 68 pieces he took 1927-1930 to a relatively extensive body of work, however, three of the pieces are still missing. For his brother and his childhood friend Curley Weaver, he arranged the first recording options. With Curley Weaver and Buddy Moss, to whom he taught the first chords on the guitar, he took 1930 as Georgia Cotton Pickers on. In 1931, he died of tuberculosis in conjunction with pneumonia.


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  • American musician
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  • Blues musicians
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  • Born in 1902
  • Died in 1931
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