Barbershop (Film)

  • Ice Cube: Calvin Palmer
  • Anthony Anderson: J. D.
  • Cedric the Entertainer: Eddie
  • Sean Patrick Thomas: Jimmy James
  • Eve: Terri Jones
  • Troy Garity: Isaac Rosenberg
  • Michael Ealy: Ricky Nash
  • Leonard Earl Howze: Dinka
  • Keith David Lester Wallace
  • Jazsmin Lewis: Jennifer Palmer
  • Tom Wright: Detective Williams
  • Jason Winston George: Kevin
  • Sonya Eddy: Janelle

Barber Shop ( Original Title: Barber Shop). 's An American comedy film from 2002 directed by Tim Story, screenplay by Mark Brown and produced this film with. The film was continued two years later with Barbershop 2.


A small barber's shop was for decades the meeting place for gossip in downtown Chicago. After Calvin takes over the store from his father, he does not want to continue and repel him quickly lucrative the store. He meets with his buyers choosing to slumlord Wallace, a seedy town known man who precedes a bad reputation. When his people and his father's long-standing customer can change his mind eventually, it's almost too late, because the buyer wants to make the barbershop a nightclub.


" A pleasant, relaxed comedy that pointed to the war of words within the black " "sets. " Community


At the MTV Movie Awards the film in the category " Best Comedic Performance" for the character Eddie was played by Cedric the Entertainer nominated.