Barbuda is an island of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean and heard as a dependency to the nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

Geography and transport

The island is located about 60 km north of Antigua. Approximately 100 km south-south is St. Kitts and Nevis, in the direction north-northwest lies Saint -Barthélemy.

Barbuda 161 sq km, is relatively flat and has only about 1,500 inhabitants. The island has indeed long sandy beaches and offshore reefs, tourism, there is only very little on it. Approximately 40 % of Barbuda are covered by a bird sanctuary. The main town on Barbuda is Codrington. Connected is the island with the two piers in the towns of Spanish Point and Palmetto Point, as well as a regional airport (BBQ) in Codrington. Daily air connections are made to the main island of Antigua. There is also a regular ferry service to St. John 's, the capital of the state of Antigua.


Climate of Barbuda is tropical. The annual maximum temperatures are reached in the months of July and August with an average of 28 °. During the winter months of January and February the average temperature is 25 ° with the coolest. With an average annual rainfall of 900-1100 mm, it is quite dry for Caribbean standards.