Barcelona Metro line 9

The L9 is a subway line of the Barcelona Metro. The line currently has eight stations, all located in the tunnel. The route length is 6.8 kilometers. The line runs from the station La Sagrera, in the northeastern district of Sant Andreu, up in the northern suburb of Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

Was opened the first part of the line in December 2009. Making it the most recent line of the Metro Barcelona. Currently, most of the line is still under construction. Once completed, the line will have a total length of about 47 kilometers, of which only extend four kilometers above ground. That would make the line for the longest underground metro line in Europe. In addition, the subway stations of the line are the lowest in the metro network in Barcelona. Plans envisage that the line should be taken into full operation until 2014. The line 10 is also under construction at about the half of the distance parallel to the line 9 and double-decker tunnel were built, so that they run over each other.