Bardineto ( in Ligurian: Berdënei ) is a municipality with 701 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012) in the northern Italian region of Liguria. Politically it belongs to the province of Savona.


Bardineto located in the Val Bormida on the right bank of the Bormida di Millesimo. The village is located on a wooded plateau surrounded by pine, fir, beech and birch. The town is dominated by the 1142 meter high mountain Rocca Barbena.

Bardineto belongs to the Comunità Montana Alta Val Bormida.

According to the Italian classifications for seismic activity, the community of zone 4 was assigned. This means that Bardineto located in a seismically inactive zone.


The municipality is classified under climate category F, since the number of degree days has a value of 3072. That is, Bardineto is exempt from the statutory heating control ..