Barenburg ( Low German: Baar Borg ) is a patch in Diepholz in Lower Saxony. The community belongs to the Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf, which has its headquarters in the town of Kirchdorf.

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Geographical Location

Barenbrug is between the nature park Dumber and the Natural Park Steinhude approximately midway between Bremen and Minden, 6 km south of Sulingen.

In Barenburg flows coming from the direction Sulingen Small Aue in the Great Lawns, which then flows eastwards and south of Nienburg empties into the Weser.


For the first time the church was mentioned in records in 1247. 1285 appeared a castle Barenburg on documented that merged in 1338 with the reign Altbruchhausen to the county Hoya. The castle controlled the old road Minden- Bremen, which ran through a marshy lowlands here. 1434 conquered Duke William of Brunswick- Lüneburg the Barenburg. Thereafter, it was still pledged several times and finally expire. The later, emerged from the Bailiwick Barenburg, only the stains comprehensive, Hanover Barenburg Office 1828 the Office Ehrenburg (Lower Saxony) connected. It was co-managed by Ehrenburg made ​​since 1706. The village Barenburg first appeared in 1530 as spots in appearance.


Parish council

The municipal council from Barenbrug is made up of 11 council women and councilors together all the voters Community Barenburg belong.

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)


The honorary mayor André Meyer was elected on 9 September 2001.

Culture and sights


Barenburger church with wall parts of the Holy Cross chapel dating from the twelfth century

Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery in Barenburg is a cultural monument. He is one of eight well-preserved Jewish cemeteries in the district Diepholz. In the cemetery on the road " to station " are 49 grave stones from the years 1828 to about 1938 Jewish dead.


At Barenbrug is the oil field Barenburg of ExxonMobil.



The community is located directly on the main road 61 that leads from Minden to Sulingen.

Rail transport

Barenbrug has a rail connection to the railway Diepholz - Sulingen. This is traveled by tankers for the resident in Barenburg Exxon Mobil (petroleum). The siding forms the rest of the formerly continuous railway Rahden - Sulingen - Bassum. The secondary of Barenburg to Rahden track facilities were shut down in 1997 and are today no longer passable.