Barfleur is a commune in the department of Manche in Basse-Normandie region. It has 643 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) and is considered one of the plus beaux villages de France ( most beautiful villages in France ) classified.


The village is about 28 kilometers east of Cherbourg- Octeville on the Cotentin Peninsula on the English Channel. The fact that Barfleur has been added to the list of the most beautiful villages in France, is due to the granite: all buildings were built of granite. The municipality lies in the fact armorikanischem solid. The Pointe de Barfleur is located in the neighboring husband Ville- le- Phare, and forms the northwestern border of the Baie de Seine. The French government is studying the construction of tidal power plants in the Raz Barfleur (just like before Jobourg ), where the tidal currents are strong ..


In the Middle Ages Barfleur was an important port and shipbuilding Place Normandy with up to 9000 inhabitants. During the personal union between the Kingdom of England and the Duchy of Normandy (1066-1204) was the most popular Barfleur harbor the ruler, to England (mostly Southampton ) ferry. So William the Conqueror sailed from Barfleur to the battle to conquer England at Hastings. 1120 sank the White Ship which carried the English throne and numerous nobles, shortly after leaving port.


  • The Church of St Nicolas, 17th Century since 1988 a monument historique.
  • Birthplace of St.. Mary Magdalen Postel

Old fishermen's houses in Barfleur