Bargum ( Frisian: Beergem ) is a town on the border between Geest and Marsh in the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein. The sparsely populated community since 2005 Resort and is divided into the districts of East Bargum, West Bargum and Soholmbrück.


East Bargum is a scattered settlement in the Geest. Here is a still functional Dutch windmill.

West Bargum is a scattered village in the marsh, the church stands on a hill in the center. On the Bargumer mountain, which lies to the west of the church, the reclamation of the Long Horner old polder and the Bargumer Koogs has begun and also now the old dike is clearly visible. At the dike are two Wehlen, water-filled depressions that occur during storm surges.


The church was probably built around 1250 simultaneously with the in Efkebüll. However Efkebüll was destroyed in the Second Marcellus 1362. The present form of Bargumer church dates from the 15th century, the ceiling painting depicting scenes from the life of Jesus and the Old Testament, as well as the painting of pulpit and galleries of 1702nd

After the annexation of Schleswig-Holstein by Prussia a country parish church was formed from the territory of the parish Bargum. After the dissolution of the parish of rural communities in 1934 Bargum was combined with the Bargumer polder land for community Bargum.


Bargum is a Bundeswehr location. In the southeast of the district there is a material bearing which is operated with approximately 40 employees as part of the material depot Wilhelmsvaven. Due to the decisions on the future deployment of the Bundeswehr, the material bearing on Dörpner Heuweg is expected to be closed in 2018 and abandoned the site with it.


Municipal council

Of the nine seats in the municipal council voters Community WFTU had since the municipal election 2008, five seats, the three CDU and the SPD a seat In the local elections on May 26, 2013, the WBG was 51.1 percent, four seats. The CDU came to 31.5 percent and three seats. On the SPD accounted for 17.4 per cent and two seats. The turnout was 60.8 percent.


For the election period 2013-2018 Bernd Wolf ( WFTU ) was re-elected mayor.


The community is predominantly agricultural.


In the list of cultural monuments in Bargum are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.


Church in Bargum with the typical North Frisia wooden bells stack away from the church

Pictures of Bargum