Barka River

The Tokardelta with the Barka ( below)

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The Barka ( known in Sudan also Khor Baraka ) is a seasonal river in Eritrea and Sudan. At the time of the British administration in Sudan the river "Gazelle" was named because its course, due to the strong Dünenwanderung, is constantly changing.


The Barka rises at the north-western slopes of the central highlands of Eritrea, in the Gash Barka region. It flows north and joins just before the border with Sudan to the Anseba Shet '. Other major tributaries are the Mogoraib and Langeb. The Barka finally flows into the strong versandeteten Tokardelta near the town of Tokar to the Red Sea. The exact mouth can not be determined because the delta has a length of about 45 and a width of 80 km.


The river flows only a few months a year. Only during the rainy season in the summer months he achieved at all the Sudanese border. Nevertheless, he is one of the most important water dispenser in Eastern Sudan ( Baraka arb. " Blessing power "). He has a mean discharge of 0.8 cubic kilometers per year.